Ball State Field Trips

Interactive Web + App Design, Identity, Marketing, Print

Ball State Field Trips is an organization that has aimed to provide engaging educational opportunities for students using the power of technology and emerging media. Ball State Field Trips has been around since 1995 and in 2016 Sydney Noland and myself were asked to rebrand Ball State Field Trips. During our brainstorming sessions we found words such as “adventure,” “discovery,” and “creation” to be the center of this brand.

Role: Lead Designer

Team: Sydney Noland, Eddie Metzger, Rachel Harvey, & Richard Downey

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AIGA Blue Ridge’s Annual Flux Student Design CompetitionHonorable Mention Web/Interactive

W3 Awards: 2016 Gold and Silver Mobile Apps / Sites-Family & Kids

app store

To go along with the app we needed a way to input the information for each field trip, including areas to upload events, create users, upload avatars or characters, trip content, quick trips, app lessons, and resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. This task was challenging, because I was asked to design for as many different input field as I could think of and organize them to the best of my ability. This task was also challenging because as we were brainstorming we kept on thinking of new resources to put into the app, so I was responsible for updating the admin panel as we went. Through this experience I learned how to properly lay out a database and the best ways to organize all of the information. I also gained experience knowing how to roll with big changes and design on a short deadline.


Seen below is the Field Trips report, including the process from design to development, infographics, statistics, a break down of analytics, and many photos taken throughout time working on Field Trips.

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