Branding, Web + App Design, Foiling + Print, Packaging, Art Installation


For this comprehensive branding campaign we were faced to identify an issue within our community and create an organization that solved this issue. I created Kaleidoscope, a butterfly conservation group dedicated to educating communities about different ways to conserve this species. My strategy was to create a fun and informative organization that actively reached out to the community in order to educate and encourage the community to get involved in invertebrate conservation. My branding campaign consists of and identification app, an educational website, promotional posters, a public origami event, and packaging. Kaleidoscope's branding was inspired by many words, natural, conservation, diverse, community, & pattern. Some longer-living butterflies migrate during the year, flying south during the cold winter months and returning to the north in the spring and summer. These groups of butterflies are referred to as a Kaleidoscope. Below are the lockups for Kaleidoscope, colors, typography, and patterns associated with the brand.


I designed a website for Kaleidoscope that features up to date news, resources (book, guidelines, red lists, etc.), ways to get involved, about their organization, and a place to contact them. Check out this video showing a few sections of my site.


The purpose of this app is to help the user quickly identify a species of butterfly that is common where they live. The user can enter their email address and sign into the app. After signing in, the user will select a location that is close to where they live (this helps narrow down what butterfly it can be based on location). Directly after selecting location, the user can take a picture of the species in question. The app will recognize the butterfly based on the database then display a name and further information about that butterfly. After identifying a butterfly the user has the option to add it to their own personal collection of invertebrates which they can view at any time.


To raise awareness for Kaleidoscope, I created an art event to educate the community about the conservation and preservation of butterflies. I invited the Muncie community to join me in origami folding and a short lecture on how you can help the butterfly community. Below are the posters I designed to promote the event, these posters are printed on handmade seed paper that will grow plants that benefit butterflies.

poster_05 copy.jpg

After the event, these posters are meant to be planted in your yard.


Below is the origami paper used in the art event. I hand foiled small squares of origami paper with iridescent foil to make the origami unique to my brand.


Along with the origami, the community was encouraged to take home small packages of seeds to begin their very own butterfly garden.